M&S Painting and Floor Sanding established in Melbourne, 2003. The idea was to bring the group of painting and floor sanding/polishing professionals together.

Painters mostly hate going back to tidy up and fix any work left after careless floor sanders and polishers have left. Also floor sanding and polishing professionals hate to see excessive painting drops on timber floors or staircases. How about the house owners, renovators; their most tiring effort in the project is to bring and deal with too many tradesman. Especially these two last trades; “painting and floor sanders”  who like to do painting or floor sanding & floor polishing after each other.

For all of the above reasons we brought these painting, floor sanding and floor polishing professionals to Greater Melbourne’s service and say;

Are you sick and tired of dealing with too many tradesmen that don’t keep their word on completing your projects on time?

If your answer is “YES” then M&S Painting and floor sanding is your solution…

M&S Painting and Floor Sanding is a combined manpower of professional painters and floor sanders, joining forces into one body to eliminate builders, renovators and the headache of running after both professions.

In most cases painters blame floor sanders, floor sanders blame painters e.g.: leaving scuff marks to be touched up by painters.

M&S has been providing excellent services since 2003 as a combined manpower.
In fact our painters have 11 years experience, floor sanders have 9 years. Totaling 20 years of experience when combined

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